Russian Traditional Farmstead

Tales of olden times…Изба

We learn how our ancestors’ lived, organised their households, celebrated holidays and preserved the traditions and foundations of their ancestors mostly from historical literature and… fairy tales .

But one thing is to read and listen, and another is to experience it, being able to submerge oneself into the atmosphere of real rustic life of the centuries past.

And such island of the ‘Olden Times’ has been created by a family of farmers on a picturesque land of Mari El Republic. Here the latest agricultural technologies meet original Russian traditional farmstead.

What can the tourists expect to see there? A farmstead with a complex of household and residential buildings, including banya (a Russian traditional type of sauna), barn, cattle shed, stable and, of course, a Russian traditional house – izba – with all the attributes of 18-19 century peasants’ life. Guests have an opportunity to get acquainted with their everyday life and culture and even spend a couple of unforgettable days in historical interiors surrounded by original antique pieces, to learn about traditions and crafts, to appreciate the invigorating steam of the original rustic banya and enjoy the nature.

Both children and adults will love interacting and playing with poultry house and cattle shed inhabitants – here you can find various breeds of goats, sheep, pigs, chicken, ducks, geese and pearl-hen and ride a horse.

ИзбушкаAdmirers and connoisseurs of Russian traditional tales and works of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin will be amazed by a mysterious Hut on Fowl’s Legs, situated on a picturesque lake shore surrounded by magnificent Russian nature.

Followers of healthy eating will appreciate wholesome organic farm produce. Moreover, fragrant herbal tea from a Russian traditional samovar and traditional treats await all guests!
We are always happy to see you!


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